Hi. My name is Madeline. I live in Seattle. During the day I paint. During the evenings I teach one on one drawing lessons to high school and middle school students. I like painting people I know. I like bright colors. “Stop sign” red has been a favorite lately. I’ve just started making tshirts. I also have a youtube channel which I started this summer. A lot of my work is mixed media, with charcoal drawing mixed with acrylic paint mixed with oil paint. As well as mixing materials, I like to mix genres of art. Some days I draw cartoons, and others I’d rather finely paint the flesh tones of a good friend.

I am an avid Instagram poster (and scroller…guilty) so give me a follow @madelineartist to get the day to day updates. To see more about my process, stop by my youtube channel by searching “Madeline Owen art”. Thanks for stopping by the website and hope you enjoy!