Good Morning

This morning I woke up and made some cashew pudding. It was okay. Pretty much what you do is soak cashews in water over night and then blend them up in the morning with a little coconut milk and whatever sweetener of your choice and then bam you have pudding. I think I want to put some berries on it or something because it is a little rich on it’s own. I put some in my coffee this morning. That was good. A coffee cashew pudding float.

Another interesting thing about this morning is that I am choosing to wear this very very bright orange long(ish) rain coat. You are probably thinking wow that is not that big of a deal. However, I have been wearing this beige cargo jacket almost everyday this fall. I blend in to the bare trees and the rotting leaves and cement buildings. However in this orange coat i do not blend in. When you don’t blend in you feel like you have to stand up a little straighter, or at least I do. And that takes a little more work. I feel like I have a bit more responsibility when I am more noticed. I responsibility to be “good” whatever that means.