buffalo exchange sucks.

Okay it doens’t suck. I actually think i am too tired right now to even write a good blog post but whatever I’m doing it anyways. Might want to skip this one. It will prob be boring.

I just went

ok its the next morning. my computer died in the middle of that last sentence and then I passed out.

I feel better now that I have rested. It’s probably a good thing my computer died. I have a hard time actually calling it quits and going to bed. I have a hard time planning to sleep. Usually if i lay in my bed and I think “Ok Madi now sleep” it never works. I only fall asleep unintentionally in the middle of a drawing, or if I can’t bare to scroll on the internet anymore, or i guess now if my computer dies and I am too lazy to get up and get the charger. If you’re too lazy for that then you know you should be sleeping.

So anyway just did that. Good nights sleep. This morning I popped out of bed at 7 am and went downstairs to make my espresso with a plop of cashew pudding (acts like creamer). That was tasty. Then I had my usual poached eggs and broth. Wow this sure is turning out to be the most boring blog post I’ve made yet. Maybe I should stop now.


Last night I went to Urban outfitters and Buffalo exchange with my good friend Patrick. Urban Outfitters is a funny place. I used to go all the time before I was a “serious artist’ who had no time for such things like shopping. But honestly, it was nice to be back. Urban outfitters welcomed me back with open arms. I walk in, and i just see all of the hip outfits on all of the manikins and my heart leaps with excitement and I cant wait to find that overpriced sweatshirt that manikin had on just so i can wear it for a few seconds and take a selfie in the mirror and imagine how I would feel if I wore all of the cool things and I looked this cool everyday. I am pretty sure that was a run on sentence. Anyway. Tried on quite a few things at Urban Outfitters, non of which I was willing to deal out that significant amount of cash for. $60 for a plain Champion sweatshirt? I’ll just go to Big 5 and get one for $20.

Buffalo Exchange was alright, except honestly the prices were still somewhat high. Also- why do clothes end up at Buffalo one might wonder? It’s because nobody wanted them! Because they fit weird or have a stain or something like that. I swear I tried on 50 coats all of which made me look like a fat marshmallow.

Anyway seriously no one cares so I am going to stop. Time to start thinking about my day. I am going to finish a birthday card I started yesterday for my mom, hopefully get going on my editing for my next youtube video, do my laundry, and maybe even deal with the pile of clean laundry that’s been sitting on my chair in the corner of my room for the past few weeks. Probably will find a way to avoid that but at least I’ll plan on doing it. Okay so that is my plan for the day. Plan. Okay bye.