hi its an hour later

I am currently sauteying apples with butter and cinimon. I am sitting on the floor now, I’ve downgraded from the desk, with a trusty space heater by my side. I like to be very warm. It’s probably about 80 degrees in this room. I don’t think the apples are going to wake him up, he’s out cold. More for me. The floor is nice. Sitting on the floor is nice. Very grounding. Okay gonna go check the apples. BRB.

Ah yes doing well. Getting nice and soft. This is the second apple I am sauteying. I made one about twenty minutes ago and I was so sad when it was all gone I quickly went and made another one. That’s the thing about yummy treats, I have a hard time ever feeling done and satisfyed with them until I’ve reached a point where I am physically in pain or grossed out by some aspect of the treat i didn’t notice before. Why do i have to wait until something negative happens to end it? Why can’t I just be satisfied before i reach that point. Maybe I am wanting something out of these apples that the apples will just never really be able to give me. Answers. An end to my frantic brain. To stop the.. uhg i don’t know. so i can just stop maybe. maybe i don’t know how to stop.