Not to have this start out in a pessimistic way-


I just wish I posted on this blog more often. Like everyday would be good. Or even every other day. It’s funny how the idea of what we think we can do and what we actually end up accomplishing in a day often has a large gap… it’s a misunderstanding of one’s self it seams. Well I guess i am really just talking about myself here.

I forget what philosopher said this but somehow this quote has been rattling around in my head lately- “people who don’t find “god” haven’t looked low enough”.

I’m pretty sure i totally butchered that, but you get the gist. Now that I think about it I think it was Carl Jung that said that. He was a smart one.

To me it means that you will never achieve the great things you dream about unless you realize how far you really have to shape up to get yourself to them. Like don’t think you’ve accomplished more than you actually have- like don’t just gloss over the things you did that day that you aren’t proud of. Surfing the internet for too long. Wasting time. Not being nicer to your mom on the phone. Being slightly late for work. Forgetting to text friends back. Neglecting sleep because you are too riled up on your own thoughts... that’s the current one. But at least I am making this blog post so that’s productive. Sort of.