hey its the next day

I am writing a blog post! I am starting my daily blog post trend. Well I guess a trend that only i am following.

Today i sat in top pot doughnuts and made three versions of this drawing. I like the pink one the best. I haven’t eaten anything today except for two eggs this morning. I’ts now almost 4:30. I always know I have been doing something good when I forget to eat. My stomach is finally starting to voice it’s opinions now that I am off Photoshop.

I like doing my work in coffee shops. I kind of like overhearing conversations- it makes me happy i don’t know why. Right now they are training the new girl, telling her where to put the doughnuts and what not. I think about what it would be like to work with doughnuts and listen to kids on sugar highs for 4o hours a week. I guess it could be worse. I certainly enjoyed sitting here for 6 hours today. You would think the screaming kids would bother me but they didn’t. I felt peaceful among them, sometimes watching them as they raced around the shop, weaving through tables as they constructed their own elaborate game. The moms sat at a table near me and talked about soccer practice and when snack time was going to be that evening.

They still haven’t taken their sparkly xmas tree down in the corner. During the day when the sun was up I thought “Wow the 12 days of xmas are over, how depressing”, but now that its getting dark and I am the only one sitting in here- i kind of like it. The Christmas lights reflecting off the sparkly branches warm up the corner and i get a fuzzy feeling when I look at it now. Funny how the time of day can change ones perspective on whether somethings depressing or not.

They have been playing pretty good music- about thirty minutes ago they were playing “Don’t go breaking my heart” and i found that i couldn’t help but sing along to myself and dance a little in my seat. The new girl who was sweeping the doughnut crumbs off the floor was singing a little too. It was a good song. We didn’t acknowledge that we were both singing to it- but it was a good moment. It’s always nice to have someone to enjoy a song with.