I stalked a few "bloggers" this morning

Last night was the first time I ever posted one of these blog posts onto my instagram. Then before long I was thinking about my new identity as a “blogger”- what does that mean for me now? What kind of responsibilities do bloggers have? Do they have any?

So i thought i would investigate these questions. I went to the gram and typed “blogger” into the search bar with the tags options selected. Turns out there are quite a few bloggers out there. Who knew. Good thing instagram exists. I clicked on a few. (There were only female blogger on the front page.) A lot of the blogs were about clothes and makeup, and the girl was a model or something but in the description referred to herself as “public figure”. It sure does sound better and more cool than just “model”. I would probably write that if I was a model.

Alex just walked in from being out at the bars and now he watching instagram videos next to me in bed and I am just hearing snipits of randomness and I can no longer focus so this blog post is now going to come to an end. I thought I was on to something with this whole new blogger identity thought but I guess it will have to wait.

Night people