its one am

today i started a drawing called “thoughts of LA.”.

I started it around 10:30 id say. then i worked till around 1ish. then i went to pcc and ate some pulled pork and downed a bulletproof bar and impulsively bought myself a second coffee. I didn’t really need the coffee. But the pcc coffee is pretty heavenly. I guess I am going to pay for it tomorrow morning when I can’t get out of bed because of my coffee high this evening. Never drink coffee after noon is usually my rule. But today sort of felt like an exception becuase I was excited about this piece. I wanted to be in tip top highly caffinated shape when I started working on it. I started working on it again around 2 until 5 at another coffee shop. Then I went home and worked on it from 6 to 8:30, then from 9:30 until 12:45. Okay sorry for the very very boring post I am kind of brain dead right now because hold on doing math…. \


Ok around 10 hours. pretty good stamina! but it might have been the coffee.

I can’t wait to get up tomrrow and finish it.

I probably could have finished it today if i wasn’t such a perfectionist. Oh well though. I will get up tomorrow and then go to the gym and then work on it at top pot or something. give myself an hour to finish it. Or thirty minutes even. I need to move on, got to stop the obsesssiing.. ok im so tiered bye. goodnihgt.