Today I woke up at 9:38

And I rolled (literally rolled) out of bed and onto the floor and grabbed my ipad, eyes still groggy from last nights obsessing. The drawing must be done. (Usually I like to get up and make my bed and wash my face and have some coffee and maybe put on pants before I start working. But not today. I felt like I continued to work in a sleep state. I didn’t finish till 11.

When the drawing was finished I felt very disoriented. It was almost noon and my mouth tasted like my retainer, my eyes were a little gooey and two shiny new pimples were blossoming on my chin. I hobbled around my room, guilty and frustrated- it’s freaking 11! People are eating lunch right now and have on cute outfits and are in the world and you are still in your pajamas and your hair and face look like you just came out of an oil spill. I shove cloths in drawers- my room must be clean! I suddenly felt very disgusted with myself. Once the room was in a somewhat satisfactory state I felt a little better. I brushed my teeth two times and washed my face three. That helped too. I put on gym clothes. Okay. Better. Had coffee. And then I was fine.

Now looking back 12 hours later, (I should be going to bed right about now)- I realized I actually had a productive day! Maybe feeling like a bum this morning scared me into a higher state of productivity. Productivity is a funny thing.

Today I-

-installed all of adobes applications

-did my laundry

-put away my laundry

-finished a drawing

-went to fed ex and printed the drawing

-went grocery shopping

-made some quality stir fry for tomorrow

-finished my next youtube video

-and somewhere in there I made it to the gym.

-oh and I wrote this blog post ;)

Good job me. Got to savor days like this where you just go to bed satisfied and sleepy with a quiet happy brain.